Date: 22nd August 2018 at 5:25pm
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Things could be better when it comes to the Premier League as far as West Ham United are concerned.

In fact, after just two games we’re entering familiar territory.

Sat bottom of the table after two games, some supporters are already ringing the alarm bell.

On social media, the comments are becoming more antagonistic as the days go by.

Pablo Zabaleta, who has been around the block a bit and who has a wealth of experience, has given his stance on things:

But it hasn’t placated the support, with various comments expressing their dissatisfaction as to how things are panning out:

But, there are some who are not panicking:

A voice of reason or somebody with their head in the clouds?

You decide!

Are we sailing up the creek without a paddle or is the good ship West Ham heading for calmer waters?

However, we’d be delighted to read your views in our comment facility beneath this article.



2 Replies to “Rocky Waters Or Calm Seas Ahead For The Hammers”

  • We the fans need to get behind the team. Our behaviour reflects on the pitch. Being a player myself in the heydays, when the fans are cheering and behind you, you perform better. When the fans show discontent and anger, players become edgy and perform worse. Us fans have always backed the team and need to continue to perform like we did at the Boleyn and chant our players names to encourage them not slate them, the next we’ll see an improvement, I guess guarantee this

  • There maybe more trouble ahead with the fixture list and we could be playing catch up to get out of the relegation places. However things should then improve steadily and hopefully a mid table position is still possible. Hopefully we will switch to x3 at the back (atleast for away games) to tighten the defence.
    Its not how you start, its how you finish….fingers crossed !!

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