Date: 15th October 2018 at 7:00am
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I’m not going to labouriously type about the issues West Ham United fans have with our current owners, so those debates and points are for a different article if needed and I get the urge, but vice-chairman Karren Brady’s recent press piece in her column for the Sun rubbed me up a little in the wrong way.

There’s nothing actually wrong with her comments in the above piece I must say, it’s a paid for piece of fluff in the modern media world and doesn’t actually provide any palpable knowledge or insight.

It does contain at dig at Tottenham Hotspur that some will like and others will think is ill-timed given the upcoming game but I can’t be the only one who read that piece and felt like current manager Manuel Pellegrini was effectively an afterthought as she tried to custom build her perfect Premier League manager.

“COMPOSURE: Manuel Pellegrini
THE most composed I have worked with. He kept under control whatever anxieties he might have felt when we lost our opening four matches. He comes over as kind Uncle Manny but he’s no softy and as impressive as his record.”

After only eight games and two wins in the Premier League, her words are hardly even inspiring in my humble. He doesn’t panic is the takeaway and whilst that does have benefits, couldn’t she have added ‘and I believe things will improve’ to her last sentence?

Is Brady more interested in being her own person or representing the club at all times?

It just rubbed me wrong and maybe I’m alone in that?