Date: 1st August 2018 at 5:55pm
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Last summer, when Javier Hernandez joined West Ham United for a reported fee of £16 million, I probably wasn’t alone in welcoming the transfer.

Hernandez arrived at the London Stadium having played for some pretty decent clubs, including Manchester United and Real Madrid.

The Mexican was seen as a player who could deliver goals, especially from those chances that fall to strikers inside the box.

But a year on from the move, I feel myself needing to ask whether the move has been all we expected.

In his solitary season, so far, with us, Hernandez netted just 8 goals, far below his usual return for a season.

Perhaps the fact that the Hammers struggled last season, a struggle that resulted in a change of manager didn’t help the player get into his stride, even more so when it was David Moyes that inherited the managerial hot-seat, the very boss he’d struggled under whilst at Old Trafford.

But with a new season almost upon us and with expectation levels very high, I find myself pondering over whether Hernandez has a future at the club.

Does Pellegrini have a role in mind for the striker or is he set to be just enough squad member?

Could he even be sold, this summer, to assist in balancing the books?

Two intriguing questions and ones I’d like to hear your views on, please feel free to drop your opinions into the comments facility beneath this article


6 Replies to “The What To Do With Javier Hernandez Conundrum”

  • For starters I’m not a West Ham fan but I am a BIG fan of Chicharito so you may or may not like my response. For sure he needs to leave, He will only stay if he has minutes (Starting spot) and European competition. And so far that doesn’t seem to be the case. With all new arrivals in the attacking position and a very likely of a striker will push him to the bench. If it was up to me, I would of have left by now and I never wanted him to be at West Ham in the beginning. I really hope he leaves because he deserves better like Napoli, Borussia Dortmund, or AC Milan were he will have minutes and European competition. So please no hate this is my opinion.

    • Agree he needs to leave for a better team he’s to good for this club especially the way he got treated by Moyes with ownership agreeing to it

  • Especially when you have writers and fans that are too dumb to think they have better strikers than him and you look at their history and they never had anybody better than him

  • From what I have seen of him play last season, he is only happy when he has the ball at his feet, he then tends to do too much with it, gets barged off the ball and puts his hands up in dismay. To me he is a lazy player – sell immediately. We want a 90 minutes player, not as and when he feels like it.

  • Chicharito is a true Center-Forward and needs to get service from his team. He did not get this last season and was either left alone up top or played on the wing when he actually got to start initially in the 2017/2018 season. When Moyes came in, it was game over for Chicharito since he rarely got minutes. It is very typical for players to take a bit to adapt to their new club in their debut season, but they need the backing of their club. I think with the assignment of Pellegrini and all the attacking talent brought in will favor Chicharito and we will see more goals if he gets the minutes for the 2018/2019 season.

  • When you say that Chicharito had a bad last season, remind me: how many goals did Arnie score? And how many playing minutes and starts he got? The rate of Chicharito was way better and he could have matched or surpassed Arnie if he had had the same playing time.

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