Date: 2nd August 2018 at 7:00am
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We’re only a matter of days away from the dawn of a new season, the 2018 / 2019 Premier League season.

It’s a season with the Hammers support overflowing when it comes to the anticipation levels.

After a summer transfer window like we’ve never seen before, the belief is there that the club could do very well in the coming months.

This coming season will also be the third at our new home, the London Stadium.

It has been a rocky path settling into our new home, adapting it for football, keeping law and order and making it feel like our home have all been problems that have, and still are, having to be overcome.

Although the London Stadium has a far bigger capacity than the Boleyn Ground, too many it has never felt like home.

It lacks the intensity the old ground provided, it lacks that intimidating atmosphere created with the crowd so close to the pitch and, too many, it just doesn’t feel like a football ground.

But, now we’re somewhere down the line, what are your views on the London Stadium?

Have you relished the move, or do you yearn for the old days back in the heart of East London?

Please feel free to leave your opinions on the above subject matter in our comments facility beneath this article.

Let’s get a good old debate going.



6 Replies to “The London Stadium Or The Boleyn Ground, We Re-Open The Great Debate”

  • There’s no debate to debate.
    I’ve seen enough at O S, to know that when we’d play well enough, the place is as good as the bolyen. It’s all about west ham, not where play.

  • The conversations on this topic remind me of a parent talking to their teen that is complaining about a new school after they have relocated, and it is getting boring. The LS will never be the Boleyn as the later will never be the London stadium. The board have backed the manager, the manager has strengthened and backed the team to do well, let’s do the same and hope that by the end of this season we can see a progression for this mighty club, (and no talk of top 6 please)

  • I don’t compare the boleyn and the London stadium.
    I was all for moving from the Upton park as it had had it day ,but the new stadium is all wrong and for me always will be. Access, parking and even when we play are joke and dictated by Westfield shopping centre and of course the owners !!! I’ve got no sentimental crave to be back at the boleyn, but for me the LS is a complete bodge up of a stadium !!!!

  • unlike most of the hammers, I haven’t had an experience at either stadia. Here in Kenya you may know that we don’t have stadia as good and even as many as England has. However whenever my team plays, either home or away ( mind you; the home ground is not the same so they are shared all over the country) , our fans always outnumber the rest and the team always feels at home. We light up the atmosphere with song and dance, not to mention the great chants. The players reciprocate the same passion on the pitch and our mighty Gor Mahia always reigns supreme. Hull came for a friendly and the tickets got sold out. We filled the 60k capacity Kasarani Stadium to the brim. Did I mention that the fans also overwhelmingly support and accompany the team to their matches abroad in the continental showpiece and the that also has yielded results for us as the continent team is now topping their group and are looking likely to move to the knockout stages on course to claim the title.
    Oh! I forgot to mention that we are unbeaten and we are quite certain of getting a treble.
    Ok I did not intend to bore or wow anyone about my Mighty K’ogalo. All I intended to put forward is that we have to back the team at all cost, no matter where we play. They will always step into the pitch seeing the beautiful bubbles but most importantly the will always get the sight of the spectacular Irons in song and always giving them a backing that leaves them indebted to us forcing them to perform. If. The Queen Elizabeth Park has to be a fortress, it is up to us. We have to make it a slaughter house for opponents. We the fans form the main part of the stadium. Players are only on the grass. So let’s get behind the board, the manager and our great players for us to have great success either home or away.
    I hope it wasn’t a grueling debate but rather a wake up call for us the fan.
    May God be with us.

    COYI !!!!!

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