Date: 15th March 2019 at 7:29pm
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Things at West Ham are not perfect right now, and a few of the London Stadium have decided that it is time to launch a new supporters group dedicated to improving certain aspects for the fans.

The new group has been named ‘Hammers United’, and they intend to work alongside the board in meaningful discussions, with a particular focus on the matchday experience – looking at ticket prices, stewarding and facilities for disabled supporters.

‘Hammers United’ also aim to encourage the board to sanction a further round of investment into Manuel Pellegrini’s squad, so that the chances of success on the pitch will be increased.

In their statement at the time of the launch, the new supporters group stressed that they do not want to be seen as a protest group, but aim to challenge the club should they fail to deliver what is hoped.

‘Hammers United’ will not be alone in acting as an independent supporters group, though, as we do already have WHUISA, who have been in contact with the club in the past over similar matters.

The similarities between the two groups was something that a lot of the fanbase were quick to point out when ‘Hammers United’ shared their launch on the KUMB forum…

“For a minute I thought this was going to be about the forming of a new football team…” – S-H (March 14, 19:17)

“We have a non-political group, WHUISA.” – Big George (March 14, 19:28)

“Forgive me, the last non-political groups we told to give a chance to were the RWHFAG & The FLA. Anyone remind me how those evolved? “ – Big George (March 14, 19:41)

“Reading their statement there is an organisation out there already aiming to do that, WHUISA. So I’d ask did they try join WHUISA engage or try join its committee, the last thing we need is another group like this. I’ve got problems with the way WHUISA is run but it’s still the best chance of independent representation there is.” – MyWHUFC (March 14, 19:46)

“Our club continues to be abused, you’ve got my support” – Chalks (March 14, 20:04)

“I’m waiting for the United Hammers to launch instead.” – Rays Rock (March 14, 20:10)

“We have WHUISA already – and is affiliated to the FSF. That’s good enough for me.” – Westbourne Bill (March 14, 20:17)

“Both can exist, it will not devalue each other and could benefit from each other, people have different views, want action not words some want words not action, some want to get stuck in some want others to get stuck in for them. Until there’s a place that fits all, as there clearly isn’t, as admirable as WHUISA and others have been then we will have people willing to stick their head above the parapet and get it knocked of. Sad thing is though if fellow fans are knocking your head off before the club gets to have a pop who benefits” – Sicknote (March 14, 20:28)

“We could have 10 different West Ham Supporter Groups each with 500 members or so or we could be represented by just 1 Group with thousands of members and be stronger – I’m sure ‘Hammers United’ started their group in good faith and the best of luck to you but with WHUISA already in existence why didn’t you think of just joining them instead of feeling you needed to start yet another group?” – The Old Man of Storr (March 14, 23:57)

“I feel the situation echoes that of Westminster right now. Okay, not quite as shambolic but breakaway groups surely just make the opposition weaker instead of sharing similar views in a greater force numerically at least.” – Corney Beal (March 15, 10:29)