Date: 2nd June 2018 at 2:52pm
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The silly season is upon us, the time of the year whereby transfer speculation goes into overdrive with our club being linked with every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Today, just perusing the numerous postings on social network sites we’ve uncovered speculation linking West Ham with new acquisitions.

Our first posting relates to two players who are currently at the Portuguese club Sporting Lisbon:

Could the presence of Manuel Pellegrini, in the Hammers hot-seat, see a successful audacious swoop for the duo?

Continuing, a raid on Paris is also insinuated:

However, the financial cost could see any Hammers interest curtailed.

Lastly, for today, somebody who already wears claret and blue, but that of Aston Villa, could be of interest to the Hammers:

Four players are mentioned in this dalliance with the social network system, do you foresee any of them being at the club come the big kick-off?

Given the choice, which of the quartet would, if you could choose one, you like to see the most at the club?

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  • every transfer period has WHU (and every other club) flirting with virtually every player. Very few come to anything, for many (and obvious) reasons, so why not just wait and see, then report in depth when it happens. If it doesn’t happen, do we really want to know?

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