Date: 23rd February 2018 at 4:39pm
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Earlier this week, as covered by Vital West Ham, speculation was rife that David Moyes was set to sign a two-year deal with West Ham United.

David Moyes, as we`re all aware, is only on a contract under the end of the season.

On the back of the speculation, we thought it would be an ideal subject matter for our front-page poll.

Therefore, we asked the very pertinent question:

Should Moyes be given a permanent deal?.

We left you three options to select from:

? Yes

? No


? Undecided

Your response left us in no doubt as to your opinion on the subject matter with 95% opting for the yes option with just 5% opting for the no option.

Strangely enough, not a single supporter who participated, opted for the undecided option.

Here at Vital West Ham we`d like to thank you for your participation.

Our latest poll asks you to predict the outcome of the weekend Premier League fixture against Liverpool, please use this opportunity to vote.