Date: 24th March 2018 at 10:19am
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With no domestic football until next weekend, when Southampton are the visitors to the London Stadium, in a crucial fixture, this weekend really is a lost one.

After struggling through another mundane week in the day job, the pleasure of seeing West Ham in action has to wait another seven days.

But, using the word pleasure, might be carrying things a touch too far.

This season has been a struggle, we`ve had a change in the managerial hot-seat but still things are far from okay.

That dreaded word relegation continues to be used in the same sentence as the name of our club.

When we moved into the London Stadium, it was going to be the gateway to a new golden era, not a possible return through the trapdoor to the Championship.

Therefore, with the word relegation being used so prolifically, we thought we`d jump on the bandwagon and use it in our front-page poll.

We thought we`d ask the very pertinent question:

Are we really in danger of being relegated?

We gave you three options to choose from:

? Yes!

? No!


? Undecided!

The results did nothing to alleviate our fears with 92% voting for the Yes option, obviously fearing for our Premier League future.

As for the remaining 8%, they remain confident that the Hammers are not in danger of becoming a Championship club next season, voting for the No option. Strangely enough, not a single person opted to sit on the fence and go for the Undecided option.

Here at Vital West Ham we`d like to thank you for your participation.

Our latest poll asks you for your views on international football, please take this opportunity to vote.