Date: 13th February 2006 at 6:48pm
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Teddy Sheringham sits down with the gaffa to talk over a new deal next week.

Pardew: ‘I am due to sit down with Teddy in the next week or so and discuss the whole concept of next year, he knows I want him to stay.

‘It is making sure that we are in the same relationship next year as we have had since he has been here, which has been terrific.

‘I have enjoyed working with him. My strikers and myself have learnt a lot off him and his application to his training.

‘Teddy is in great condition and we will just keep giving him contracts. I just don’t know when it will end – and Teddy is very sensitive about that.

‘He feels that he is still at the same level as perhaps when he was 35 or 36, and he is probably right.

‘How can I stand in his way at his age and tell Teddy ‘you can’t go and speak to someone’?. Someone of Teddy’s experience and age, I am not going to handcuff him to the bed and say you have to stay here.

‘This whole contract situation does not sit comfortably with me. In any other walk of life, if someone wants to discuss your position, you should be allowed to talk to them.

‘Ultimately you cannot do anything about it anyway. For me, you might as well be open and say it goes on, accept it, and make sure that they want to stay at your club.

‘And that is what I try to do, give them an environment where ‘is it really that much better round the corner? Am I going to get the platform you have had here, or the success I have had here?’

‘That is sometimes not looked at by the agent, as there is a payday if there is a move, but that is something the better agents do look at.

‘A lot of the players are quite happy to stay here and want to pursue and get better here. That is what I try to create, at atmosphere for that to happen.

‘A difficult job is when you have disharmony and players want to leave the club. No-one is making those noises and everyone seems happy – and rightly so because we have a great chance to have a great season.’