Date: 5th February 2019 at 6:15pm
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There was a lot for West Ham fans to celebrate on Monday evening. It’s been a difficult few weeks, but the team came together when we really needed it – and we looked fantastic against Liverpool.

From front to back, everyone that turned out in a West Ham shirt should hold their head high. Well, apart from Andy Carroll, it seems.

Carroll was brought on towards the latter stages of the game by Manuel Pellegrini, with the boss clearly looking to take advantage of his strength and height.

However, from the moment he was brought on – and since the game ended – a handful of fans have found nothing nice to say about the forward. He didn’t really do a lot wrong, but he did struggle in front of goal – and to be fair he did miss a chance that could have seen us win the game.

Indeed, he’s been at the centre of a lot of criticism on behalf of fans – with most not impressed by his recent form. It seems that he’s got a lot to do in order to win back the acclaim of supporters.

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One Reply to “‘Really needs to be released’ – These fans don’t have anything nice to say about West Ham man”

  • Have no idea why Carroll came on instead of Perez.
    At least Perez suits the Pelle style of play – low balls to take out tall defenders advantage. Carroll is just not suited or tries to get into this mode. Too slow and cumbersome to have any effect now days.
    Hope on the bus Gus, Make an new plan Stan …. (50 ways to tell Carroll to go)

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