Date: 14th May 2018 at 4:58pm
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By the end of this week, we should have a further clue as to who will be the manager of West Ham United Football Club next season.

With David Moyes being on a short-term contract, a deal that came to an end after the completion of the 2017 / 2018 season, it remains to be seen whether the Scot will be given a chance to continue his good work or whether this is the ideal opportunity to bring in somebody else with fresh ideas.

However, it would appear that Moyes would like to extend his stay, remarking after the 3-1 victory over Everton,

“I can’t say about the future because I am no further forward. We will meet and talk next week, we haven’t arranged a date or a time.

“What will influence me? When you get good performances. It makes you feel ‘hey, there’s something to build on here’.”

Source – BBC

Yes, the performance was good but the opposition was not exactly top-class, but Moyes added a further point that carries an element of poignancy, further adding,

“Everybody always thinks the grass is greener and there’s something better out there. I would say more often than not I bet you it is proved wrong.”

Source – BBC

Personally, I’ve yet to make my mind up regarding the situation. Moyes long managerial stint at Everton produced prolonged results that were the envy of numerous clubs, however, subsequent managerial roles, including Manchester United, haven’t seen the Scot live up to expectations.

But we could be entering a scenario whereby it’s a case of the better the devil you know rather than bringing in somebody who is untried in the Premier League.

Currently, I’m veering towards giving Moyes the chance to take us forward, but what are your feelings on the subject matter?

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