Date: 30th September 2018 at 10:39am
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Following our recent run of good form, form that has seen West Ham pick up seven points from the last nine available whilst also trouncing Macclesfield in the Carabao Cup 3rd round, things are suddenly starting to look good for the Hammers.

Instead of walking around with miserable faces, broad smiles are breaking out as the realisation hits home that now the team has gelled, Manuel Pellegrini could be guiding us to the promised land.

Last night at the strange hour of 21:00 hours, the draw for the 4th round of the Carabao Cup was made and West Ham were given a home tie against Tottenham Hotspur.

The draw, on the back of our current form, is nothing to fear and was warmly welcomed by the Hammers support on social media:

Quite a reaction we’d say. But the rivalry between the two clubs was always going to provoke a reaction and the following posts illustrate that point perfectly:

Although, on the flip side of the coin, some do have reservations:

But, backed by the upturn in recent form, we’ll leave you with this post:

Yes, we can and yes, we will!



4 Replies to “Hammers Fans Reactions To Spurs Carabao Cup Draw”

  • What “rivalry between the two clubs” ? Its like England and Scotland. Just as the Scots are desperate to beat England West Ham are desperate to beat Spurs. Just as the English are much more interested in beating Germany Spurs are much more interested in beating Arsenal. Its only a rivalry if its a two way thing.

    • Yes, because you are such a big club and all that. Arsenal see you the way a doberman would see a rat nipping at it’s heals. If you don’t think theres any rivalry between our clubs then you must be a small child, there’s always been rivalry – your ignorance is probably based on the deluded spuds who claim this is ‘West Hams cup final’ – it’s not, it’s irritating at best having you sully our stadium.

  • Well done to the lads for a vg win yesterday and playing some excellent football. To see the players giving 100 % and playing for the shirt, is all we ask of them (win/lose or draw).
    I had earlier in the season been critical of the manager/players, due to some very poor performances and I apologise for that, now I can see the end product. Patience is a virtue, I am lacking.

    In reply to the above post….Its a game against another London based club in our division and so they are our rivals. They have won more than us over the years and the fan’s think they are superior to us, but that just makes anytime we beat them so much sweeter for us and harder to swallow for them. Looking forward to another ‘shock’ win !! COYI

  • As a neutral and a lover of lower league football, a question to you Irons: talking of rivalries or otherwise, do many Hammers have any time for either Orient or the Daggers?

    And on an unrelated note – West Ham support in the semi-final loss against Forest (?) in ’91 remains one of THE best shows of support at Villa Park by any away side ever. In my humblest of opinions.

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