Date: 3rd August 2018 at 10:30am
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Some you win and some you lose, the hard facts of life when it comes to transfer targets.

When it became apparent that Swansea City were looking, following their relegation from the Premier League last May, to sell Alfie Mawson, West Ham United were one of several Premier League clubs linked with the acquisition of the 24-year-old defender who was an ever-present in the Swansea side last season.

Our apparent interest genuinely excited me, Mawson, despite playing in a struggling side, showed enough class to earn an England call-up from Gareth Southgate. My belief was that placed alongside the right central defensive partner and playing in a side of a better quality than Swansea, Mawson would progress to be one of the best centre-backs in the Premier League.

Unfortunately, West Ham weren’t successful in acquiring the player with the BBC, confirming that the player has opted to move to a London club but one that plays in West London, Fulham.

But, reading the aforementioned linked article, I couldn’t help but notice that Mawson used the following line in explaining his reasons to join a club that, after a period in the Championship, regained its top-flight status last May,

“I’m excited by the project going on here and I can’t wait to get going.”

It’s an interesting comment and it would appear that those who deal with such situations, at Fulham, did a splendid job in convincing Mawson that Craven Cottage was the place to be.

But, and here’s where my mind kicks into overdrive, if Mawson was excited by the project going on at Fulham he’d be absolutely stunned with the transformation our fine club is going through at the moment.

Now whether anybody at West Ham actually got to speak to Mawson or not, or indeed whether our interest never got past the media speculation stage, only a select few will know.

But it is a great case of how transfer speculation can toy with your mind even though you’re never sure whether it has solid foundations or not, I guess that’s the magic of this time of the year.


8 Replies to “Defender More Excited By Fulham Project Than West Ham’s, Impossible We Claim”

  • I believe that Mawson may have chosen FULHAM FC because they do actually have a reputation for playing football under a coach who has earned the respect of all his players where as WEST HAM have a coach shipped in by the owners to appease the fans and who has spent money to improve the squad but has not shown at his new club that he can get tan average bunch of players to perform as a team hich is something they have not done for a long time.

  • We were linked with him then signed two centre backs, any proof that West Ham even made a firm bid for him? I suspect they saw better value elsewhere.

  • If Mawson was such a great catch then surely the likes of man Utd etc would have been all over it. He ends up at Fulham which to me suggests he has found his level.

  • why is it impossible because he didn’t select West Ham. A club that’s been run via the back pages of the Sun by owners who sold some of the best fans in London down the river over their ground losing all history and traditions. The fact of the matter is the high turnover of playing staff and management in recent doesn’t make it look a very attractive proposition. It’s a crying shame what’s happended at your club and I would be devastated if it happened at FFC

  • He obviously wasn’t stunned by whatever is going on at West Ham. The question is what is going on at West Ham. No doubt he saw a clear strategy and commitment at Fulham but nothing at West Ham.

  • Lol – As if he chose Fulham over West Ham – the fact is he never had that choice. Maybe WHU enquired about him early on and didn’t like the value he offered but they did their CB business ages ago, so was there was absolutely no way they were spending another £20M+ on a third CB signing.

    What did you expect him to say when he’s just signed for Fulham – “i really like this Fulham project but would have preferred to have gone to the much more exciting one at WHU” ?

    These Fulham fans on here are beyond deluded – apparently WHU is not an attractive proposition – i think that has been proved otherwise this summer and doesn’t warrant explanation.

    I wouldn’t book your champions league tickets for 19/20 yet lads – maybe see if you survive in the premier after scraping through the playoffs!

  • West ham have sold their history surely all whu fans can see that.mayne not all players want to play in front of 50000 in a soulless rented ground I used to have a soft spot for the old West Ham not anymore.

  • I’m pretty sure that neither the majority of the Fulham fans – who recognise that we were promoted the hard way because of our poor start – or the West Ham fans – who were probably not protesting about the quality of the pies – are deluded. Scraping through from the Championship or scraping past the 40 point target.
    Therefore arguing about who has the most exciting project (i.e. potential for the next season) seems a little daft.
    I’d like to see all London clubs (well, maybe not Chelsea) do well next season; the back room teams have done well for both sides in the transfer window, but that will mean nothing if either or both are fighting against relegation at the end of the season.
    Good luck and keep the faith whether it be black and white, or claret and blue.

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