Date: 27th April 2006 at 4:54pm
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Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez could help Hayden Mullins and Luis Garcia play in the FA Cup final.

Benitez suggested that the FA follow the Spanish system and instead of laying down a straight three-match ban they judge the situation on its merits.

Benitez: ‘It is not easy for the referee but for me the most important thing is that the two players apologised to each other and the referee and it is not that serious an incident.

‘In Spain we have the possibility of banning for two games, three games, four games. Suspending the players for two games [and leaving them available for the final] would be enough because it was not a serious incident.

‘We will try to appeal. I am disappointed more than angry. We know how important the final is. It is not as if it is better for us or better for them, in this case it is good for both players and the two teams involved.

‘That is the reason both managers had the same idea. I think someone must be sensible. The situation is very clear.’